Nestled in the sun-soaked embrace of southern Spain, Andalusia emerges as a captivating haven for families seeking an enchanting winter getaway. Far beyond its summertime allure, the winter season in Andalusia casts a spellbinding charm of its own, beckoning families with promises of unique experiences and cozy retreats. This charming region, renowned for its rich cultural heritage, flamenco rhythms, and historical landmarks, undergoes a captivating transformation during the winter months, offering a serene and inviting atmosphere for families to create lasting memories.

Andalusia’s winter landscape unfolds like a picturesque canvas, adorned with snow-capped peaks in the Sierra Nevada, while its ancient cities exude a captivating allure against the backdrop of a crisp winter sky. The festive ambiance of local markets and the subtle aroma of traditional Spanish cuisine linger in the air, inviting families to immerse themselves in a cultural tapestry that celebrates both tradition and warmth.

What sets Andalusia apart as an enticing winter destination for families is its provision of family-friendly accommodations tailored to cater to every need and desire. From charming boutique hotels to countryside retreats and resorts nestled amid breathtaking vistas, the region offers an array of options designed to ensure comfort, convenience, and an unforgettable winter experience for families of all sizes. These accommodations provide a perfect balance, blending warmth and hospitality with amenities tailored to meet the unique needs of families exploring this captivating region.

Novo Sancti Petri Hotel

Location: Nestled along the picturesque Andalusian coastline, Novo Sancti Petri Hotel is ideally situated near family-friendly attractions like Sancti Petri Castle and the stunning La Barrosa Beach, making it an ideal retreat for families seeking a winter holiday by the sea.

Services and Amenities

Our hotel takes great pride in accommodating families by offering an extensive array of amenities designed to cater to both parents and children alike. We boast a dedicated kids’ club where youngsters can engage in supervised activities and games while parents take time to indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments or partake in various recreational facilities.

The children’s club is thoughtfully crafted to provide a range of enjoyable activities, from arts and crafts sessions to friendly competitions, art classes, and playtime. Our experienced staff ensures a safe and entertaining environment for the kids. Additionally, the club offers a specialized menu tailored specifically to suit the tastes and nutritional needs of young ones.

Meanwhile, parents can unwind and pamper themselves at our spa center, offering an assortment of relaxing treatments such as massages, facials, and body scrubs. Moreover, our hotel features a fully-equipped gym, a serene swimming pool, and a range of other entertainment facilities. This allows parents to take some well-deserved time for themselves while their children are happily engaged at the kids’ club.

Our commitment lies in providing a delightful vacation experience for the entire family. With our diverse range of amenities and services, we aim to ensure that both parents and children create cherished memories and enjoy a truly fulfilling stay.

Promotions and Offers

As the winter season unfolds, Novo Sancti Petri Hotel extends exclusive family-oriented packages, tailored to create memorable moments for all. These packages are specially curated to include enticing benefits such as complimentary meals for children, discounted access to nearby attractions, and an assortment of captivating winter-themed activities available right at our premises.

Families will delight in the added perk of complimentary meals for their children, ensuring a stress-free dining experience for the whole family. Moreover, our packages offer discounted access to local attractions, providing families with the opportunity to explore and engage in the richness of nearby entertainment and cultural experiences while enjoying savings.

Within the confines of our hotel, guests can immerse themselves in a delightful array of winter-themed activities suitable for all ages. From delightful snowman-building competitions to cozy indoor movie nights or engaging seasonal crafts, there are ample opportunities for families to bond and create cherished memories together.

These promotions are not just about added value; they’re about fostering an inviting ambiance where families can embrace the winter season and craft beautiful memories, all while enjoying the exceptional hospitality offered at Novo Sancti Petri Hotel.


Accommodation prices during the winter months at Novo Sancti Petri Hotel may range from €150 to €300 per night for family suites or specialized family packages, offering varying inclusions and durations.

Recommendation Index

I’d confidently rate Novo Sancti Petri Hotel at 9/10 due to its commitment to family-centric services, comprehensive facilities, and its convenient location, making it an excellent choice for families seeking a tranquil yet engaging winter retreat.

Check-In Experience

The check-in process at Novo Sancti Petri Hotel was a delightful start to our stay. Upon arrival, the staff warmly greeted us, displaying a high level of attentiveness and hospitality. They efficiently guided us through the check-in procedures while taking the time to provide us with detailed information about the hotel’s amenities.

What truly made the experience exceptional was the staff’s keen attention to our family’s needs. They were proactive in understanding our preferences and ensuring that our accommodations were tailored to suit our requirements. From accommodating our room requests to offering valuable suggestions about family-oriented activities, their dedication to our comfort was evident from the outset.

Their genuine friendliness and willingness to assist created a welcoming atmosphere that immediately made us feel at home. Furthermore, their thorough explanations about the hotel’s facilities allowed us to quickly familiarize ourselves, enabling us to plan our activities and make the most of our stay.

The check-in experience was a testament to the hotel’s commitment to exceptional service. The attentive and informative staff set a positive tone for our stay, leaving us excited to explore and fully enjoy the offerings of Novo Sancti Petri Hotel.


Novo Sancti Petri Hotel ensures convenient accessibility for its guests. Traveling to the hotel from Jerez Airport is made effortless with multiple transportation choices available, including taxi services or pre-arranged shuttle transfers. These options offer travelers flexibility and ease in reaching the hotel directly from the airport, guaranteeing a smooth arrival experience.

Furthermore, the hotel goes the extra mile in assisting families arriving at the train station by organizing transportation arrangements. This thoughtful service is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and comfortable journey for families, facilitating their hassle-free transfer from the train station to the hotel.

With a focus on guest convenience, Novo Sancti Petri Hotel not only provides various transportation options but also offers dedicated assistance, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable start to every guest’s stay, particularly for families, from both the airport and train station.

Booking Platforms

For hassle-free bookings, using reliable travel platforms like or directly through the hotel’s website is recommended. These platforms offer comprehensive details on family-specific packages and room options, ensuring a smooth reservation process for families planning their winter getaway. Always make reservations in advance, especially during peak seasons, to secure the best accommodations and rates suitable for families.

Gran Hotel Guadalpin Banus

Location: The Gran Hotel Guadalpin Banus is nestled in the heart of Marbella’s exclusive Puerto Banus area. This beachfront property provides easy access to Playa de Casablanca and Puerto Banus Marina, offering an ideal location for families to explore the seaside attractions.
Services and Amenities: This family-friendly hotel boasts a range of amenities suitable for families, including a dedicated kids’ club, children’s pool, and organized entertainment activities tailored for kids. Parents can also enjoy the spa facilities, fitness center, and evening entertainment.
Promotions and Offers: During the winter season, the hotel often offers family-friendly packages, which might include complimentary meals for children, discounted access to local attractions, and winter-themed events.
Pricing: Room rates during the winter period can range from €150 to €350 per night for family suites or tailored family packages.
Recommendation Index: Rated at 8.5/10, the Gran Hotel Guadalpin Banus is a sought-after choice among families due to its prime location, extensive family-oriented amenities, and special winter offers.
Check-In Experience: Guests experience a seamless check-in process with warm and hospitable staff offering valuable information about family-specific services and amenities upon arrival.
Accessibility: The hotel is conveniently accessible from Malaga Airport via taxi or transfer services. Families arriving by train can reach the hotel through local transportation options or pre-arranged transfers.
Booking Platforms: Booking directly through the hotel’s website or trusted platforms like Expedia provides access to family-specific packages and accommodation preferences, ensuring a hassle-free booking experience for families.

Andalusia, with its enchanting cities and family-friendly accommodations like the Novo Sancti Petri and Gran Hotel Guadalpin Banus, offers a perfect winter escape for families. From exploring historical wonders to indulging in recreational activities, the region caters to various interests while ensuring a cozy and enjoyable stay. With a plethora of family-centric amenities, special winter offers, and convenient accessibility, these hotels stand out as ideal choices for families seeking a memorable winter retreat in Andalusia. Embrace the warmth of Spanish hospitality, bask in the region’s cultural richness, and create lasting family memories against the stunning backdrop of Andalusia’s winter wonderlands.