I’ve explored the picturesque landscapes and exciting attractions that Äre has to offer during the winter season. This guide aims to provide insights into notable experiences and attractions to help you plan your trip.

Getting There

1. Åre Östersund Airport (OSD) to Äre

  • Distance: Approximately 80 kilometers away, Åre Östersund Airport is the nearest airport to Äre.

Option 1: Scenic Drive

  • Visitors can choose to rent a car or take a taxi from the airport, enjoying a picturesque journey through stunning Scandinavian landscapes. The approximately 80-kilometer drive showcases breathtaking snow-capped mountains and serene vistas.

Option 2: Public Transportation

  • Bus Services: Regularly scheduled buses connect Åre Östersund Airport to Äre. Travelers can check the bus schedule in advance to plan their journey.
  • Shuttle Services: Some shuttle services operate directly between the airport and Äre, offering a convenient and comfortable transportation option.

2. Östersund Central Station to Äre

  • As a Transit Hub: Östersund Central Station serves as a convenient transit point for travelers arriving by train.

Option 1: Bus Services

  • Buses departing from Östersund Central Station provide a convenient mode of transportation for travelers, ensuring easy access to Äre.

Option 2: Taxi Services

  • Taxis located near Östersund Central Station offer another direct and personalized transportation option for travelers seeking a comfortable journey to Äre.

Whether opting for a scenic drive from Åre Östersund Airport or utilizing the public transportation network from Östersund Central Station, visitors can easily reach this enchanting Swedish winter destination.

Personal Experiences

1. Skiing at Åre Ski Resort

Location: Nestled within the picturesque town of Åre, the renowned Åre Ski Resort stands as a beacon for skiing aficionados. Its prime location offers seamless access to an extensive array of slopes suitable for skiers of varying expertise levels, ensuring an inclusive experience for novices and seasoned pros alike.

Facilities and Services: The resort prides itself on its top-tier facilities and services tailored to enhance visitors’ skiing adventures. Equipment rental shops at Åre Ski Resort offer a wide selection of high-quality gear suitable for diverse skiing needs. Moreover, the ski schools within the resort boast seasoned instructors adept at providing personalized lessons, catering to individual skill levels and ensuring a fulfilling learning experience. Post-skiing indulgences await with a vibrant après-ski scene, comprising cozy restaurants and lively bars, perfect for unwinding after a day on the slopes.

Advantages: The resort’s greatest allure lies in its expansive and varied terrain. Whether you’re a beginner seeking gentle slopes or an advanced skier yearning for challenging runs, Åre Ski Resort delivers an impressive array of trails to suit all preferences. Beyond the thrill of skiing, the resort treats visitors to breathtaking panoramic vistas from various points, adding an extra layer of magic to the skiing experience. Moreover, the resort’s efficient ski lifts minimize wait times, ensuring maximum time spent carving through the snow.

Considerations: Despite its charm, Åre Ski Resort experiences peak seasons marked by high visitor numbers, notably during holidays and weekends. Consequently, these periods may bring about crowded slopes and increased wait times for ski lifts, potentially impacting the serene skiing atmosphere some guests seek.

Visiting Åre Ski Resort promises an unforgettable skiing escapade amidst stunning landscapes and top-notch amenities. While managing the potential for crowds during busy periods, the resort’s stellar services, diverse terrain, and captivating vistas make it an unparalleled destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

2. Snowmobiling Adventure in the Wilderness

Location: In Äre, several reputable tour operators offer thrilling snowmobiling excursions, traversing snow-covered forests and frozen landscapes. These excursions provide visitors with the opportunity to delve deep into the untouched natural beauty of the Swedish wilderness.

Services: Experienced guides lead the snowmobiling adventures, equipped with all necessary gear, including snowmobiles and safety equipment. These knowledgeable guides ensure participants’ safety while sharing insights into the area’s rich natural heritage and wildlife.

Advantages: Engaging in a snowmobiling adventure in Äre delivers an adrenaline-pumping experience amidst pristine landscapes. Gliding across snow-draped terrains, navigating through enchanting forests, and traversing frozen expanses offer an unparalleled thrill. Participants are treated to panoramic vistas, immersing themselves in the unspoiled beauty of the Swedish wilderness, leaving behind enduring memories of an extraordinary exploration.

Considerations: Due to the popularity of snowmobiling adventures, especially during peak seasons, availability for tours might be limited. To secure participation in these highly sought-after excursions, advance booking is strongly recommended. Planning ahead allows visitors to secure their spots, ensuring they don’t miss out, especially if seeking specific tour schedules or group sizes.

3. Ice Skating on Lake Åresjön

Location: When winter arrives, the transformation of Lake Åresjön into a captivating ice skating rink becomes a highlight easily accessible from Äre’s town center. The frozen lake serves as a picturesque and inviting spot for ice skating enthusiasts.

Services: Visitors eager to partake in this seasonal delight have the option to rent ice skates from nearby shops or bring their own equipment. Various rental facilities situated close to the lake cater to skaters of all levels, ensuring the availability of suitable gear for a pleasant and enjoyable skating experience.

Advantages: Ice skating on Lake Åresjön offers a serene and enchanting atmosphere complemented by the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. The frozen expanse of the lake provides a unique canvas for skating enthusiasts, allowing them to glide across the ice in a tranquil and breathtaking setting. It presents an opportunity for individuals and families alike to partake in a classic winter activity while soaking in the idyllic charm of the winter wonderland.

Considerations: As with any winter activity involving natural elements, caution is essential. The safety of the ice is weather-dependent, necessitating awareness of ice conditions before venturing onto the frozen lake. Visitors are advised to exercise caution, ensure the thickness and stability of the ice, and heed any local guidance or warnings to guarantee a safe and enjoyable skating experience.

Ice skating on Lake Åresjön offers an immersive and magical experience, inviting visitors to embrace the beauty of winter in Äre. While promising a serene and picturesque activity, exercising caution and prudence regarding ice conditions ensures a safe and delightful outing on the frozen lake.

Recommended Attractions

1. Fjällgården Spa

Location: Nestled within Åre, Fjällgården Spa serves as an oasis of relaxation amidst the serene winter landscape, providing a tranquil escape for visitors seeking rejuvenation.

Services: The spa boasts an array of revitalizing treatments designed to pamper and invigorate guests. From soothing massages to specialized wellness therapies, Fjällgården Spa offers a comprehensive selection of rejuvenating services. The facility features inviting saunas and relaxation areas with panoramic views, allowing patrons to unwind while immersed in the stunning natural scenery.

Advantages: Fjällgården Spa offers the epitome of relaxation against the backdrop of Åre’s breathtaking vistas. The spa’s serene ambiance coupled with its diverse wellness services ensures visitors an unparalleled experience of tranquility and revitalization. Whether indulging in a therapeutic massage or unwinding in the sauna while admiring the picturesque surroundings, guests are treated to an escape that rejuvenates both body and mind.

Considerations: To ensure a seamless experience, it is advisable to make advance bookings, particularly during peak seasons or busy periods. Securing reservations in advance guarantees access to the desired treatments and facilities, allowing guests to fully embrace the tranquil ambiance of the spa without disappointment.

Fjällgården Spa stands as a sanctuary of peace and rejuvenation within Åre, offering a perfect respite amidst the winter allure. While promising ultimate relaxation and a range of wellness services, making advance bookings is key to ensuring a stress-free and delightful spa experience.

2. Dog Sledding Tours

Location: Multiple tour operators in Äre offer dog sledding adventures, allowing interaction with huskies and exploration of the wilderness.
Services: Experienced guides, well-cared-for dogs, and thrilling sled rides through snowy trails.
Pros: Unique experience, interaction with huskies, and exploration of winter landscapes.
Cons: Limited availability, necessitating early reservations.

3. Visit to the Aurora Sky Station

Location: Located on Mount Nuolja, the Aurora Sky Station provides an opportunity to witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights.
Services: Guided tours, informative presentations, and observation decks for optimal aurora viewing.
Pros: Spectacular Northern Lights display, informative guides, and an unforgettable celestial experience.
Cons: Weather-dependent phenomenon, requiring flexibility in planning visits.

Äre offers a plethora of winter activities and natural beauty, promising an unforgettable vacation. Whether you seek adventure on the slopes, serene relaxation, or unique experiences in the wilderness, Äre has something for everyone. Plan ahead and make reservations to ensure a memorable winter escapade in this captivating Swedish destination.